The University Judicial Appeals Committee is a University administrative committee that reviews and hears appeals on the record of decisions made by the Behavioral Standards Committee, the Academic Integrity and Grievance Committee, the judicial boards of the Greek governing bodies for organizational offenses, and the dean of students or his or her designee as part of the informal system of adjudication.

The committee is composed of one faculty member and one faculty alternate, one student and one student alternate, and one academic or nonacademic administrator and one alternate.

The president of the University Assembly shall make the faculty and administrative appointments, and the president of the Student Government Association shall make the student appointments. No person shall serve on the University Judicial Appeals Committee if he or she is a member of one of the above mentioned committees or boards.

Members of the University Judicial Appeals Committee shall be appointed and serve for one year terms beginning with the fall semester and ending one day before the next fall semester and shall elect their own chairperson.

The Assembly president or the Student Government Association president may name interim or additional members to serve on the committee during the summer sessions, if deemed necessary.

Faculty Appointees to University Judicial Appeals Committee
Term ends AY19 Role
Kamran Iqbar  faculty
vacant  faculty – alternate
Sonya Primeaux   administrator – Associate Dean of CoB
Diamon McGehee  student
vacant  student – alternate