Policies of the Faculty Senate and its Councils and Committees
Chancellor’s Policy on Policies


General Education Policy (503.3)

Degree Requirements Policy (507.1)

Placement and Transfer of Credit Policy (517.1)

Calendar and Schedules Policy (404.11)

Attendance and Withdrawal Policy (404.4)

Grade Appeals (501.6) and Academic Dishonesty (501.13)

Syllabus Policy (404.8)

Grades Policy (404.13)

Faculty Appeals

Admission Policy

Policies related to the UALR Constitution (see the page for the Faculty Governance Committee for the Change Log associated ith the UALR Constitution)
 Policy Number  Description  Change Log
 Operating Procedures for new Colleges
 Generic Dept. Gov. Doc.
Operating Procedures of Councils and Committees
 Policy Number  Description  Change Log
 Council on Core Curriculum and Policies
 Academic Integrity and Grievance Committee
 Policy Number
  •  Authority for Executive Committee to seek out honors and awards for students and student groups
  • Authority for Executive Committee to edit motions for proper format
  • Authority to adjust schedules
  •  Minutes (4/19/1989)
  • Minutes (12/1/1989)
  • Schedules authority, minutes (4/10/2015), legislative transmittal (FS_2015_17)
 Faculty Appeals Council

University Judicial Appeal Committee, Minutes, Attachment 9

Policies Related to Undergraduate Curriculum, Courses, and Admission Requirements (Undergraduate Catalog)
 Policy Number  Description  Change Log
 summer graduation and participation in ceremony

Minutes including academic freedom report

 Minutes (5/2/1973)
 credit/no credit limits  Minutes (5/2/1973)
 Continuing Education Unit  Minutes (6/5/1975)
 Policy Number  Criteria for Undergraduate Certificates and Minors Legislation (FS_2015_18)

Minutes (3/23/1977)

 Repeated courses
  • Minutes (12/8/1983)
  • Minutes (5/8/1975)
  • Minutes (5/2/1973)
  • Minutes (fall 1970)
 Student Classification (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)  Minutes (10/17/1985)
 Policy Number  Incomplete Grades  Minutes (2/26/1987)
 Academic Courses offered abroad  Minutes (2/16/1990)
 Policy Number  Writing Proficiency Exam
 GAP Program  Minutes (3/23/2006)
 Policy Number  Concurrent Enrollment  4/14/2006
Minutes (2/5/1999)
Admission Requirements
  •  Academic Probation Programming
  • Collegiate Success Program
  • Academic Clemency
 Disability Statement for Syllabi Legislation (9/23/2011)
Academic Working Hours 
  First Year Colloquium
 Anonymity and Posting of Grades
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 Second Language Requirement
Policies Related to Graduate Curriculum, Courses, and Admission Requirements (Graduate Catalog)
 Policy Number  Description  Change Log
 Go to 502.1  Admission Categories  NOTE: there are a number of graduate policy changes in the 4/18/2008 meeting.
 Go to 502.2  Admissions Deadlines and Criteria
 Go to 502.3  Admission Requirements for graduate students  Minutes (2/16/1990)  – graduate admission
 Academic Program Review  Senate Legislation on Admission Requirements
Policies Related to Calendars and Schedules
 Policy Number  Description  Change Log
AY2018-19 Calendar
AY2017-18 Calendar
 AY2016-17 Calendar
 AY2015-16 Calendar
 AY2014-15 Calendar
 AY 2013-14 Calendar
Policies Related to Awards, Honors, and Honorary Degrees
 Policy Number  Description  Change Log
 Policy Number  Honorary Degrees
 Faculty Excellence Awards
 Dean’s List
  • Minutes (3/14/2003)
  • Minutes (5/2/1973)
 Commendations for student groups
  • Men’s Basketball Team – 2016
  • Women’s Basketball Team – 2016
  • Women’s Basketball Team – 2015
  • Women’s Volleyball Team – 2014
  • Women’s Basketball Team – 20xx
 Policy Number  Academic Honors Minutes (4/2/1993)
 Policy Number  Robert Sarver and Pauline Hoeltzel awards Minutes (10/20/1989)
 Policy Number  Associate with Honors Minutes (45/1/1979)
Miscellaneous Policies
 Policy Number  Description  Change Log
 Behavioral Standards Committee  Minutes (10/23/1986)
 Faculty Annual Review
 APR Council, ARG
  •  Minutes (10/21/1994) – plan approved
  • Minutes (9/9/1994) – groups presented
 Academic Adjustment for Students with Disabilities
  •  Minutes (3/15/1996) – approval
  • Minutes (2/16/1996) – report and policy
 Post Tenure Review  Minutes (11/13/1998)
 Roles and Rewards II  Minutes (5/7/2010)
  • 403.13
  • 40x.xx
  • Faculty load policy
  • Roles and Rewards I
  • Minutes (4/19/1994)
  • Minutes (4/20/2007)
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 Summer School
 Truth in Advertising of Academic Programs